Finally, Congratulations Okti Nadia Poetri.

One of the reason I didn’t congratulate Okti on the day Saskia graduated was because she didn’t make it on that day. It was half an hour before her Msc presentation she was told about that bad news. She was shocked and could not believe she didn’t pass laboratory animal subject. She took it about 2 weeks ago so re-exam means she will not get her diploma that day. But she did her presentation because she didn’t want to disappoint all her friends.

Although it was tough to tell her friends (including me), she managed to stay calm. But after a while tears started to shed from her eyes. I was too feeling in despair watching her finding the courage to tell her friends about the bad news. Despite all of that her friends stayed and celebrated that day, saying that she will manage. They constantly reminded her that the exam was just formality and she is actually ‘graduating’ but not with her diploma, yet.

Today, as I successfully change my character data to numeric data using SAS with the help of my loyal husband, I screamed a big YES! at facebook. Then, Okti replied and said

ALHAMDULILLAH. I am feeling so happy. Syukur Ya Allah for that good news.

That’s Okti on that day after her Msc presentation


Msc Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics.


For all the strength that she showed for as long as I can remember, she finally nail it.  The fact that I am so delighted is now she can finally return to her daughter, Alifa very soon. Once again, Hartelijk gefeliciteerd Okti!

p/s: Hence this marks 1 year for us! How time flies… 😉

From left; Pudsa, me, ayu, andro, fran, marieke, marchie, andi, indah and waldi

Me signing the diploma!


It’s 5pm, shop is close!! It’s weekend, we are close too!!

I will always remember the first shop I went 2 years ago. It was a small Wibra shop along Amsterdamsestraatweg, Utrecht. It was 4.45pm when I went there, and I was looking for some stuff in the shop until 5pm. Being a non-dutch speaker at that time, I didn’t know that they were giving an announcement that the shop is closing. So I’m still being me, an Asian girl who shop like mad.

Suddenly a Dutch lady stood in front of me and said, “Mevrouw, it’s 5pm. Shop is close.”


 Yeah, like really??. Do you want me out of the shop? Don’t you know I’m a customer and I can spend money in this shop and you can make a profit? Well, who cares. They just want you out of the shop at 5pm. That’s all.

It’s weird for me because back then in Malaysia, shops are open until 10pm. Even they open until 10pm (as stated in front of the shops door), they will wait for you to choose the stuff you want and never ask you to leave the shop.

How do Dutch make profit?? Seriously! Why open the shops on weekdays only when a lot of people go to work during the weekdays, and why from 10am until 5pm when working hour is also at the same time? Similarly, why closing the shops during the weekends?

Well I guess this is their lifestyle. Somehow I manage somehow to survive with it.

But thank god, Albert heijn opens until 9pm!!

congratulations dr azizi! you made us proud!

Entry kali ini aku tujukan khas buat Dr Azizi Abdullah yang telah berjaya merangkul gelaran Doktor selepas 5 tahun menyambung pelajaran di Utrecht University.  Harap dalam masa 4 tahun dari sekarang, aku pun akan turut merasainya di dewan yang sama, majlis yang sama dan kegembiraan yang sama. Aku juga ingin merakamkan sekalung tahniah buat isteri beliau, Syahira dan anak-anak mereka kerana telah sabar menjalani hidup di bumi Belanda. Alhamdulillah, Allah selalu memberi rezeki tanpa mengira siapa, asalkan berusaha dan bertawakkal pada-NYA. Buat mereka yang sedang mengharungi perjuangan ini, jadikan ini pembakar semangat! Insyaallah, kita BOLEH!!