Denmark dan polisi ayam halal.

Sewaktu aku berada di SVEPM, 2011, aku berkesempatan berborak dengan Sharmaine, teman dari Bangladesh mengenai sektor ternakan ayam di Denmark. Katanya, disebabkan Denmark adalah pengeksport ayam terbesar ke negara UAE, maka mereka telah menukar polisi rumah sembelihan ayam kepada sembelihan ayam halal. Jadi di Denmark, kesemua ayam adalah halal. Tak adalah masalah nak cari ayam halal, dan harga ayam taklah mahal seperti di Holland ni.

Bila aku google dalam internet mengenai polisi tersebut, aku terjumpa website ini dan aku paste kan di bawah mengenainya.

Halal slaughter

The Danish poultry abattoirs have over the years been asked about halal slaughter by consumers. The questions from the consumers and the media on halal slaughter are often about how it is done; particularly whether the chickens are stunned prior to the slaughter. Many also wish to know how the connection is between the Danish poultry industry and the Muslim organisations that certify that the chickens have been halal slaughtered.

How is halal slaughter done?

It is important to start by stating that the slaughter method for poultry is exactly the same regardless of whether it is halal slaughter or not.

One of the misunderstandings about halal slaughtered poultry is that it is believed that the animals are not stunned prior to slaughter. This is not the case; all poultry must, according to the law, be stunned prior to slaughter. Poultry can, in very special circumstances, be slaughtered without stunning, but this is not practiced at poultry abattoirs that are members of the Danish Poultry Meat Association.

The poultry is stunned to achieve an unconscious condition by transfer through an electrified water bath. The current must not be strong enough to kill the animal.

Both neck arteries of the animal are severed after the stunning to ensure fast death and de-bleeding. The slaughter is done manually or with a rotating knife.

The slaughter must, according to the law, be observed by an abattoir operator to ensure that the animals do not suffer unnecessary harm. At Danish poultry abattoirs these operators are Muslims.

When slaughter starts, and every time there has been a break, the Muslim operator says a prayer to himself. It says in translation: “In God’s name. Allah is the greatest”. This is the only factor by which halal slaughter differs from ‘ordinary’ slaughter.

Why is halal slaughter used in Denmark?

Danish poultry is halal slaughtered because large quantities are exported to Muslim countries. It is not known at the time of slaughter where the poultry is to be sold. The slaughter method does not differ from what would be done for export to non Muslim countries. It is therefore most practical to halal slaughter the complete production.

Will the Danes have to pay for the halal labelling?

The customers in Denmark and other non Muslim countries do not pay extra for halal slaughtered poultry.

When poultry is exported to Muslim countries it must be accompanied by a certificate guaranteeing that the meat is halal slaughtered. The certificate is not free of charge and must be signed by a Muslin organisation in Denmark. The Danish poultry abattoirs use two Muslim organisations that can issue such certificates: Islamic Culture Centre and Muslim World League.

The extra cost for these certificates is paid by the importers in the Muslim countries. Non-Muslim countries do not require this certificate, and there is therefore no extra cost for importers in these countries or Danish supermarkets for buying halal slaughtered poultry meat. Consumers in Denmark and other non Muslim countries thus do not pay more for halal slaughtered poultry.

Is it possible to get poultry that is not halal slaughtered in Denmark?

Vellingegaard Slaughterhouse is the only member of the Danish Poultry Meat Association, which produces poultry exclusively for the home market. Therefore it does not perform halal slaughter.

Ulasan aku:

Bila diteliti proses semasa menyembelih, rasanya tak tumpah seperti di kilang pemprosesan ayam AYAMAS (KFC). Sebab di sana juga menggunakan electrified water bath. Tapi di kilang ayamas, setiap ekor ayam disemebelih secara manual dan bukan menggunakan rotating blade. Jadi aku tak boleh nak bayangkan cara rotating blade digunakan. Yang aku tahu, kalau buat secara manual, ayam akan disembelih lepas digantung dan disebabkan ayam dah lemah tak adalah ayam tu nak terbang sana-sini.

Kemudian aku dan suami debatkan adakah ayam itu halal kalau gunakan stunning gitu? Kami berpendapat halal atas sebab electrified waterbath tu patutnya voltan sangat rendah dan hanya menyebabkan ayam pengsan dan sebab utama ayam mati adalah kerana disembelih secara halal (Lepas stunned). Tapi itu tak bermakna kami menerima stunning electrified bath. Kami berdua menolaknya atas sebab perkara itu sebenarnya menyiksa ayam terbabit sebelum mati sebab tujuan sebenar sembelihan secara halal adalah untuk mengurangkan waktu haiwan tersebut dalam kesakitan. Kalau ada siapa2 yang boleh beritahu stunning tu tak menyiksakan, silalah berbuat demikian.

Kemudian, kami berdua rasa teruja dengan polisi Denmark atas sebab sekiranya ini turut dilaksanakan di Malaysia, ia boleh mengurangkan penipuan mengenai status ayam halal di Malaysia. Malaysia sudah memenuhi kuota pengeluaran ayam, kenapa tidak juga mengeluarkan ayam halal dan bukan sijil halal semata-mata. Kami berpendapat, di Malaysia, patutnya ayam yang dihasilkan berstatus halal. Oleh itu, seharusnya bukan Ayamas sahaja yang berkecimpung dalam perkara ini bahkan kerajaan perlu membina abattoir untuk mengeluarkan ayam berstatus halal. Ini rasanya bukan sahaja boleh menjamin status halal bahkan ayam terhasil lebih bersih dan tidak mudah rosak. Mengikut kajian, ayam yang disembelih secara halal tidak cepat rosak sebab semua darah sudah terpancut keluar. Darah seperti yang diketahui adalah medium terbaik untuk bakteria membiak.  Jadi dalam hal ini, seluruh pengguna mendapat manfaat dan bukan itu sahaja, industri makanan (hotel, restoren, pemprosesan makanan) akan turut mendapat manfaat dari polisi ini.

p/s: Malaysia negara Islam, patut bukan ada sijil halal, tapi sijil haram!


Client letter for small animal surgery

Dear Client,

Welcome to out practice. The following are some suggestions of how to make things more pleasant for our staff.

As you have already figured out your scheduled appointment time is just a suggestion. Feel free to ignore it and do as…… you please.

If you are not going to show up, please do not call. We like the suspense of trying to figure out what you are going to do. Some times we run bets on it. So as you can see, calling and informing us of your intentions would just take the fun out of our day.

Verbal abuse is always appreciated. If possible, wait until the waiting room is full. Please be creative in your profanity, we all like to expand our vocabulary.

Do not put your dog on a leash or your cat in a carrier. Just let them loose as soon as you walk in. The staff enjoys a little pandemonium.

Bring as many small children as possible. Three or more is preferred. If you don’t have that many, borrow from your neighbours (look for the most poorly behaved). Make sure they all have juice and crayons because we love to clean. Also, we encourage them to jump on the furniture, displays and play rough with the hospital cat and go through the drawers.

Do not bring any prior records as we request. Calling other clinics gives us time to catch up with old friends.

We’re just kidding when we suggest that you bring a stool or urine sample. That’s gross. We’ll just get it off out waiting room floor after your dog relieves him/herself everywhere.

Please feel free to stay on your cell phone. Handless headsets are preferred because it really makes it challenging to figure out if you are talking to us or the person on the phone. Make sure to call back later and ask us questions about all the things we were trying to explain.

When giving information about your pet be as vague as possible. The doctor is psychic and can communicate with your pet so it’s really just a formality anyway.

Wait until the vet is using the stethoscope before reciting the life story of your pet. It really is just for show, the vet never has any intention of listening to the intricacies of the heart and thorax.

Be sure to insist we follow your breeder’s recommendations, especially about anaesthesia and vaccines. Our schooling and training really doesn’t teach us much, so we appreciate the guidance.

Give medications as you see fit. We just put the instruction labels on them because the label printer is cool. We understand that when the condition doesn’t resolve, it is our fault, not yours.

Don’t tell us all the other vets had to muzzle your dog until after he/she tries to bite. It keeps our reflexes sharp. Besides, it is more of a challenge to muzzle a dog once he/she is all worked up.

If your cat is hissing and upset, please put your hands and face as close to his/her mouth as possible. He/she would never bite you. If a bite did occur from your own stupidity, it is our fault anyway.

Ignore the staff only signs. Just wonder around as you please. Stick your hands in all the cages. If your child is wondering around, we prefer him/her to be barefoot.

If your pet is sick please wait a minimum of three days before having him/her seen. Also, be sure to exhaust all treatments available over the counter or at the pet shop before brining him/her into be examined. We love seeing sick animals after 4pm on a Friday afternoon, so make sure you wait until the last minute to bring your pet in.

Always complain about the bill. We know our prices are too high. In general, we tend to be greedy and don’t care about your animal.

We look forward to caring for your pet. If you have any suggestions about what we can do to make life easier for you and more difficult for us, please do not hesitate to let us know.


Martsje Hell, DVM

p/s: New client letter for small animal surgery written by my friend who is now working at North Ireland.

The other life: Yes, I am a Veterinarian!

My  childhood ambition was definitely not to become a vet. This life was merely an unwilling path that I chose when I was asked to fill the university entrance form. I was told that being an engineer for a lady was tough, because it was always a male job. While choosing to do something with IT means no job when I graduate because it was predicted that by the time I graduated, the supply would be higher than the demand. So, I chose to tick veterinarian while not knowing what kind of life that would be.

After I graduated, I got married and chose to do animal health economics because I wanted to have a normal life. What kind of normal life? Well a job from 8am to 5pm and didn’t require me to handle emergency calls. This normal life had enable me to focus on my family and is just perfect!

But today, I was reminded how good it used to be when I was a vet student and a practicing vet. Indeed, life sucks when there’s exam, rota and practicals. But despite all of that, we enjoy each and every minute of it. Everyone have to do many things but everyone share that moment and be in that moment. Since we have the same classmates from year 1 to year 5, we tend to know everyone from top to bottom. It’s like a family, yes a second family. The family that is there when you are happy, sad and scared. This family nurtured me to become who I am. And I miss them a lot..

I did practiced at Langkawi for 6 months before I got married. It was like in a hell living in an island not for vacation. But what I love about that job is the satisfaction when being able to treat a patient successfully. I was known to be a hero when I managed to save a dog. Clients respected you when treat a dog, even you are a muslim. Yes, its true. What I also enjoy about being at Langkawi is to be able to know the clients not just when they are at the clinic, but also outside the clinic (At their restaurant, boutique etc). So we were quite close.

So, you might wonder what struck me out of the blue today?

I was tagged with this picture

This was my first wildlife practical at zoo Taiping. I was in the first year and others were my seniors.

I lost many pictures when I formatted my desktop. So I will only share pictures that I have from my friendster account.

Our surgery suit!

With Faith and Miza..

With ekin, my ma and abah on our graduation day. The day we have Dr in front of our names!

If you ask me, at any point did I regret being a veterinarian? My answer is no. I learn to love the job along the way. I would surely suggest my daughter to become a vet too.

For those who wants to be a vet, do it! People might look twice to you when you say what you did, but never take it to your heart. You will know how great a vet is even from the first year, when you have to learn the anatomy of cats, dogs, cows and poultry!