Love because of Allah

Sometimes we are lost in time. Sometimes our plan turns out to be something we would not expect. Though we know that is LIFE, but as life is full of surprises, you are always left with uncertainty of what life is all about.

At times I have forgotten that life is given by Allah; to serve Him and to please Him are all the aspects of what this life is all about, and its not just about this present life, it is also in relation to the future and not so far hereafter.

When Allah has given me a chunk of problem that I could not solve, I felt so hopeless and I come back to Allah. Perhaps, Allah has always wanted me to come back to him. Though it may sound harsh, but thinking how Allah has given me this test to get the feeling of ‘sabr’ is giving me a motivation to stay alive and to stay functioning.

My husband has once again becoming my source of strength. He was the answer to my prayers. When I chose him, its all because of Allah. As years gone by, no one beats the calmness of his soul and his love towards Allah- Allah has given me the most precious gift. Every time I cried, at any time I was tested, he will be there. Not just be there, but emotionally supporting me with his prayers and wisdom. That, I find is the most comforting act of a loving husband. He will read Quran phrases, and of course made me cried again but it does help me; someone who will forever in need of an Imam.

I may think it is my own journey, but in fact when my husband told me he is worried about me and prayed for my safety, I knew right away it has become our journey.

This is what I call, love because of Allah.





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