This is what I call Home sweet home!

Finally. A very simple, comfy home. Haven’t decide which color for the wall. But if we want to paint, it shall be next year. Ok, some pictures to share with you guys.

From this

Eur 8 tv table from second hand shop

To this

Wonderful curtain (from Malaysia-Akojaya)

From this

To this

Our master bedroom

From this

To this

The study room. Love how it look now!

From this

To this

Eur 25 dining table from the second hand shop.

From this

To this

The curtain was sewed by me and kak syahira for my first house at Bilthoven. This reminds me of my old house..

And also

I must say I’m impressed with how ‘Ain’s room look in the picture. The small table only cost me eur 7.

The red couch is actually grey in colour. It was also bought from the second hand shop and cost me eur25.


This is what I call

————– >        My paradise


7 thoughts on “This is what I call Home sweet home!

  1. Carpet kat dining table saya teka dari Ikea kan? Hehehe. Cantiknye bilik Ain.. Bestnye, nak jadi budak-budak balik boleh tak, ada banyak toys =)

    • PANDAIIII… tepat skali. Dh lah cantum 2 kapet kn, almaklum, beli 1 yg besar lg mahal… huhuhu..

      Kak yani pun nk jd Áin. Jealous gak, kecik2 dh ada bilik sndiri ngan byk toys. kecik2 dlu pun xmcm Áin. Haaa nanti ada ank, mmg mcm2 nk beli, bukn ank main, mak pak dio main. huhu

    • Yaa laaa… umah besar lagi. Kalau jemput semua org Malaysia di Utrecht, konfem leh tidur-tiduran, lepaking.. makan2 smpai senak perut. Hihi.. takpe, g smbg nati, cari conference kt Holland, make sure smpi gak kat Wage nih!!

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